Charter 77 Global Solutions is a name proud in history. The firm is accomplished in handling today's complex global issues. The firm focuses on executing and maintaining regulatory compliance, managing business controversies, government and public relations in a globalized economy, private equity consulting and debt placement, as well as turnaround and rapid growth strategies . The team both advises and invests in projects it feels are rich in promise. The "Charter 77" concept is more than 30 years old, dating back to the Cold War efforts by Eastern European academics, business leaders and creative professionals who gathered to debate, define and solve the critical issues of the day. (add info from wikipedia past history of Charter 77 here...)

From the time of its inception, Charter 77 Global Solutions has held to Aristotle's belief that free and open discussion of all issues and potential solutions, no matter how controversial, will lead to the formation of the most successful agenda for the future of our society.

Charter 77 is a privately-held firm. A contact list of partners is available upon request.